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Hey check out my music

2007-11-20 18:37:05 by tonypacos

These are my first songs my friend "TheWillofD" showed me what songs I should do. Healso showed what software to download so a lot of thanks got to him. Anyway if you like it cool and if you don't then, well, I'll try harder next time.

I'm new here

2007-11-04 11:21:21 by tonypacos

Hey guys I'm new to newgrounds (as a member not the actual site). So if anyone would like to check out my page and tell me what software to get or whatever then that would be great. I haven't posted anything but my good friend "ThwillofD" can let me make music on his computer. Leave any comments you have and please don't call me names like n00b or "stupid South Korean Bitch."