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Entry #2

Hey check out my music

2007-11-20 18:37:05 by tonypacos

These are my first songs my friend "TheWillofD" showed me what songs I should do. Healso showed what software to download so a lot of thanks got to him. Anyway if you like it cool and if you don't then, well, I'll try harder next time.


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2007-11-21 00:51:11

Im Brandon Costello, Im a BBS addicte and i try to get 100+ post everyday im on, well lets see, Blackwayne and TwilightFox are awsome, i draw in FrozenSheep style, I love life, i like Final Fantisys except #7, so yah im 1337>you


2010-08-29 18:04:06

Hello, I am south korean, rofl ;D